Tuesday, February 5, 2008

So fresh and so clean clean...

Yesterday's weather was glorious...just beautiful, and I was able to put the laundry outside to air dry which is one of my favorite things (see Lovebug's adorable rainbow of diapers air-drying above). To me, there is nothing better than line-dried laundry...especially sleeping on crisp air-dried sheets that smell so fresh and clean. To me, there is something so beautiful and nostalgic about seeing laundry blowing in the breeze. When we lived in Italy, it was something we saw all the time (as you can see in the pic below in San Gigmiano) and I loved it. I started line-drying in college on indoor racks but am so happy now to have an actual line outside. Not only does air-dried clothing have its beautiful look and scent, it is also better for your laundry and the environment!

Switching to air-drying can decrease your household power use significantly, thus helping the earth and saving you money...It will also keep your clothes longer-lasting (as well as cold water washes only) as dryers are tough on laundry. Do you know what the lent is that builds up in the lent drawer? It's tiny pieces/fibers of your laundry that are being stripped away...and dryers can shrink and stain your clothing!

Air-drying can also make your whites whiter as the sun is the oldest and best natural "bleach", as well as a disinfectant and wrinkle releaser...Plus for me, it's something fun to do and it's a bit of exercise too! Some people say the sun fades their clothing, but we have never noticed that with ours.

Not everyone can do a clothesline due to lack of space or HOA rules (which is ridiculous!), but you can still do drying racks which we also use and they work just as well. They can easily be found at discount and hardware stores or online at places like Abundant Earth and Gaiam.

When it's too cold to put our laundry outside, we dry most of it on racks inside, which acts as a great humidifier to the dry air.

So, consider giving air-drying your laundry a try...and I hope everyone was able to enjoy yesterday, even if it was for only for five minutes, before the weather changes here in Texas and is cold yet again...

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The Rozell Family said...

those little diapers are so cute, what a beautiful picture. Where did you get your covers? I need to start buying for rozell #2! I hope we can hang out this week. Isnt today BEAUTIFUL!!!