Thursday, February 21, 2008

Tiny Hands

We bought Lovebug some wooden rattles and teether rings awhile back and have tried to get her interested in them, but she wasn't ready until this last Tuesday, which happened to be her 10 week birthday! Lately she has re-discovered her hands and has been playing with and putting them in her mouth alot more. It's been so fun to watch her do this, but on Tuesday I decided to give it another go with a rattle and teether and she actually held onto them and brought them up to her mouth! Now, she loves to play with them and you can tell she makes the connection between what she's doing with her tiny hands! We have a wooden toy with bells that hooks onto the stroller/carseat and she loves to play with and pull it while we are driving and running...Gosh, she really is changing every single day which is incredible to witness! We're so proud of our little girl!!!

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