Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Vaccine Ad

Everyone please read this great Vaccine Ad that ran in the USA Today this past Tuesday...I encourage more people to practice informed consent and educate yourselves on what you're injecting into your little baby's/children's bloodstream, and not just do what the "norm" is or what your doctors tell you to. Read the ad and think about the ridiculous amount of vaccinations that are "required" today and the dramatic increase in neurological disorders. Yes, there are other factors - environmental, nutrition, etc., but I strongly believe there is a link to the toxic ingredients that vaccinations currently contain. Thank goodness, most vaccines don't have mercury anymore (but some like most diphtheria-tetanus and flu shots still do)...but they still contain aluminum, ether, formaldehyde, antifreeze, animal blood and cells, and aborted fetal tissue, amongst MANY MANY other nasties! More people need to know what are in these vaccines - the doctors aren't going to tell us, so it's up to us to educate ourselves and then make the decision accordingly. Something that most people also don't seem to know is that there are religious and philosophical exemptions in nearly every state, which I urge you to consider until some day all of these toxic and disgusting ingredients are no longer in the vaccinations. An interesting website is the Vaccination Debate which has some great research however about the ineffectiveness of vaccines, because they don't treat the causes of diseases or the toxic conditions of the body from which diseases arise. Also interesting is that most outbreaks of diseases occur WITHIN the vaccinated population! It's a decision that every family has to make for themselves, but please inform yourself before doing so!

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