Friday, March 7, 2008

I Have Been Tagged

I probably wouldn't normally do this, but I know my longtime incredible friend, Emily(one who tagged me) will appreciate it, so here you go Em! :)

Ten Years Ago: I was WAY too busy in high school with very early AM tennis workouts (Ashlee - remember those?!), followed by theater rehearsal, school/classes, then track practice (Courtney, Emily, and I would wonder ALL day what the wkout would be!), catch one of my brother and my Love's baseball games, theater rehearsal again, homework, then maybe some Teen Court or Teen Council meetings or service thrown in, dinner at the Compound made by my incredible Mom, and then homework/studying into the early AM (tu Daddy for all that great coffee:)!

On my To-Do List Today:
Workout of course!
Send Lovebug pics to family
Send a check out
Do shower favor sample
Make a shower flower sample
Buy a sewing machine
Return sweater to Anthro
Return Spider Man 3 to Blockbuster (we thought it was so boring!)
Buy shower gifts for J & G at C&B
Order shower filter online
Find some vintage dress patterns for Lovebug
Order replacement water filter for frig
Take some photographs
Probably some other things too :)...

If I became a billionaire:
GIVE & GIVE - first to church, Compassion Intl., Heifer, Care of Creation, and some other environmental/charity orgs...Then pay off our stuff and all of our family's stuff! Finish green remodeling our house and then give it away to someone in a little bit of acreage and have a green-powered modern prefab put on it...Buy lots of land and start a green development/community!!...Travel the U.S. and then travel abroad more...Gosh, lots of other stuff too...and then definitely invest and save alot of it!!!!

Three of my Bad Habits:
1.) Running about 20 mins late (more now w/ Lovebug:)
2.) Making daily long to-do lists and getting disappointed if I don't finish them (see above to-do list)
3.) Taking 10 minute showers (this is better now w/ Lovebug though!)...also my top eco-sin!

Five Jobs I've Had:
Kid's Day Out Teacher (while homeschooled), Legal Assistant (summers in h.s.), A&M Newspaper Photographer (college), Event Designer (post-college), and currently a Work-from-home Mommy...

Five Things People Don't Know About Me:
1.) My Love and I were born at the same hospital w/ the births attended by the same OBGYN (even though our fams lived in opposite ends of metroplex)
2.) I make long to-do lists (see above) and have to completely scratch them out (so none of the words can be seen) when I'm done w/ them...weird I know!
3.) I LOVE LOVE Nancy Drew novels - could read them all over and over:)
4.) I eat 1 green apple every day...
5.) When I die I want to be cremated and ashes thrown into the ocean where we were married...

I'm now supposed to tag some people: My Love (probably won't do it), Courtney, (you've been tagged twice now so maybe that will motivate you :), and Ashlee, (aka "Massey").

Thanks Em - that was fun!

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