Thursday, May 1, 2008

A Midspring Morning's Dream

SO, I've been meaning to post this for 2 + weeks - sorry! But here we go...

It was a BEAUTIFUL morning wedding with kind of a "A Midsummer Night's Dream"/"Lord of the Rings"/medieval/whimsical theme :)!!! J & G spent so much time on the planning of everything and it turned out wonderfully...It was a bit cold, especially in my bridesmaid dress:), but gorgeous nonetheless! Oohhh, the "confetti" above in the pics is Ecofetti, which is biodegradable and water soluble, and comes in beautiful colors. It had a great airiness to it and did just perfectly for photos. After an all-nighter, the decor all turned out great despite some last minute floral browning issues...but anyway, here we go on that for all you interested:

This is where you entered the ceremony area - the drapes were closed for all (8) of the bridesmaid's entrances and then the drapes were pulled apart at just the right moment for the bride's entrance - You all should have seen my sister's entrance - WOW! The music was very dramatic and perfectly timed! We did two metal "tree" candelabras wrapped with ribbon in their (3) colors - teal, turquoise, and periwinkle (It was a gorgeous palette of colors!), some beautiful hung bead strings that my Love made, and a touch of butterflies that we hand-glittered so they would be just the perfect colors:)...My Love was in charge of these and supervised my brothers while they put them up and they all did a wonderful job.

The flowers were all a pretty simple design...The bridemaid bouquets were a single teal-hued hydrangea stem with a wrapped ribbon design I thought was very whimsical...The bride's bouquet was a large blue hydrangea with the same ribbon design but some added white ribbon. The groomsmen and usher's boutennieres were single light blue flowers wrapped in a bit of the ribbon design, and the groom's was the same with some white sweetpeas. Hydrangea are so very fickle and started browning on me the morning of - quickly too! But all turned out fine thank goodness! The reception room turned out lovely...I didn't get any good pics of the centerpieces on-site so these were taken day after in my studio...ahem, family room...The centerpieces were very whimsical - a glass stone-filled vase with a branch design...some of the branches were wrapped in the same ribbon design as the flowers with some hanging down...and then some branches had glass bead strings handmade by my Love hanging from them finished by some hand-glittered butterflies. So very "buoyant" I think was the bride's choice word for them - and "beautiful":) - and they fit perfectly with the theme! I can't take any credit for the invitation and programs seen in the photos but J&G did a beautiful job creating them with (2) gorgeous fonts.
I made the below buffet arrangement last minute with the leftover hydrangea stems we had. My sister came up with this wonderful idea for the guests to "make a wish" for them on paper and then "take a wish" which was a wonderful little favor called "The Dream Maker" which was all these little elements to make your dreams come true -very cute! Anyway, it was lovely and dreamy, and although things take alot longer with a 4 month old :), it was such a pleasure to work on the decor and try to make it special for the happy couple! Congrats you two!

Now, as only a green mama would do, I am going to try and put all of the leftover remnants of the wedding to use in some shape or form...More on that to come...


The Rozell Family said...

oh my gosh, this looked SO amazing, i wish i could have been there! I loved Jashleys dres, wow, she looked so beautiful!

rev loves his binoculars, thanks so much for our plants too! I love my new succulant! off for a quick run, gotta go!


Angela Harris said...

These are such beautiful colors you've used. I LOVE the butterfly ribbon centerpiece. I really enjoy how simplistic your decor is.