Monday, June 16, 2008

Lavender & Da-Da Day

I love lavender...SO much! Love boiling it on the stove fresh from outside or filling our diffuser with some of its oil and letting the beautiful aroma fill the house...Filling sachet bags with its dried purple flowers and putting them in drawers, closets, and pillows...Making room sprays with its oil...Dabbing a little oil on me as perfume...Spraying freshly laundered sheets with a homemade lavender linen spray...and SOOOOO many other wonderfully delightful uses for its absolutely delicious and relaxing scent! It's one of my top (5) for sure...let's see...the others would be the ocean, babies (especially mine:), rain, and my man of course who has an incredibe natural smell...What are your favorite scents?

Speaking of my man, yesterday was his first official Father's Day...Lovebug got him a ceramic coffee mug that he's been wanting for a long time with two of her pics on it - he loves it! We "made" him go fishing early in the morning so we could bake some doughnuts...but my dough never rose :( (dead yeast) so they became yummy cookies instead...

I knew that Jonathan would be the best Daddy, but he has exceeded all expectations...Really - there isn't a better one out there!! Lovebug ADORES her "Da-da", is noticeably sad when he is gone, sounds like a puppy when he leaves the room wanting him to come back, and has big blue eyes only for him when he's around...but who can blame her?! I do too, but only all the time!! Thank you sweetheart for being such an incredible man of character, the best friend anyone could hope for, and the bestest da-da who is always present in the moment with our daughter! Hope your first Father's Day was memorable - despite the unsuccessful doughnuts :)...

OH and P.S...Lil' love said her first word yesterday...but it wasn't "da-da", it was "ma-ma"....She's been working on the "mmmm" for awhile but finally clearly said it (many times over and over:) and was VERY aware of what she was saying at me - kept smiling and laughing! It should have been "da-da" since it was Daddy's day, but he didn't care - he's the one that's been working so hard with her to say "ma-ma'...see, he's the bestest!!


Juneau.Eco.Mommie said...

i heart lavender too, eucalyptes and lavender body wash is the best. the first daddie's day, only gets better every year. Before you know it your little munchkin will be babbling non-stop, so exciting. Happy daddie's day to your main man! It's so refreshing when the boys turn into so much more than you could have dreamed :)
-namaste, erin

Christie said...

Very sweet. The pictures are just great. I love lavender but cant grow it for the life of me!

The Rozell Family said...

so beautiful jill! ya'lls lavender looks amazing!

hmmm... my favorite smells would be
1. i might be wtih you on lavender
2. oregon coast
3. coffee brewing
4.banana bread baking
5.fresh cut grass

Jade said...

Isabella... what a beautiful name. That was tops on my baby name list for a very long time. She's beautiful!

I had hopes of a lavender filled Sunday, but it's as hot as you know what here!

Great site! I finally got you bookmarked so I'll be back. Your site gives me a lot to think about, and even more to add to my to do list! ;)

amy t sharp said...

adorable shots- lovely
do you have a feed that I can subscribe to?