Monday, June 9, 2008

Water Baby

This last weekend was wonderful but busy...on Friday our babe had her first dip in a was a saltwater thank goodness so it was much better for her delicate skin. She LOVED it and is a water baby for sure - she kept splashing about and enjoyed herself immensely!

Saturday and Sunday were mostly spent helping my Mom move...Whilst going through stuff, I ran across these amazing Childcraft books which are currently on loan to me...She's had them forever and I remember flipping through them alot as a child but they are WAY more cool and interesting to me now as a mama (of course:)...I borrowed the "Green Kingdom", the "Guide for Parents" and the "Make and Do" volumes...the last of which has some really wonderful craft and game ideas which I found particularly inspiring. They are the 1988 editions...Wonder if they can be found anywhere because they're a great find (?).

I have to brag on my Mama for a second...I meant to post something around Mother's Day about her but never did...she probably got some great crafting ideas from the "Make and Do" volume above, but she sure didn't need any help! She always had amazing field trips and adventures planned for us (meaning us 7 kiddos), would have our fellow homeschooled friends over for pottery classes (she's a very talented potter) and craft parties, made us incredible costumes, really encouraged (and participated in) imaginative play, and threw the most creative and detailed parties/events, which is where I got my love of hostessing and what inspired me to become an event designer...Anyhoo, here's to my Mommy, the Queen of creative mamas!


Juneau Eco Mommie said...

Oh-me-oh-my, I remember that childcraft series. Crazy! Was '88 really that long ago :)
-Namaste, Erin

The Rozell Family said...

wow, i remember those childcraft books, i think we had those too! wow, that brings back lots of memories!
yes, your mom is amazing. I always was so jealous of your homemade cookies in your lunch EVERYDAY at LCS! Shes amazing!

Endearing Studios said...

AHHHHH... I am so glad you commented on the blog. I love seeing what couples are up to now. Your baby girl is BEAUTIFUL! I of course remember you! I haven't been back to photograph a wedding in TX, but I get to travel a lot for weddings and work and it's a lot of fun. Let me know if you guys ever make it to Florida again =).

Angela Harris said...

I actually found these childcraft books at Goodwill for .50 cents each but they have all brown covers. I wish they had bright beautiful covers like this. Very cute.