Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Our Lookout

Our girl LOVES to look outside...of course, she would rather actually BE outside, but with the Texas heat and life, it's not always possible. She's standing up all the time now whilst holding onto things and by far her favorite thing to hold on to are the windowsills, which are just the perfect height.

She puts her cute little arms and hands on them (and the windows - which are oh so dirty...and yes, I'm aware of how dirty the screens are in the photos:) and just stares outside - up and down and all around. I love watching her eyes and her expressive face, and ponder on what she's thinking about. What she thinks of all the amazing colors, the loud cars passing, the cute lizards, birds, and squirrels scurrying and flying by, and the very green trees swaying in the light breeze...It's so interesting to see her little mind work - everything churning and constantly learning. She's so interested, so eager, and so very innocent. It's beautiful and fasincating, it really is!

Of course, with all this trying to stand up there are the inevitable falls...I try to be there as much as possible, but of course, I haven't been there every time...and then sometimes there are tears followed by hugging, kissing, and maybe nursing :). Much like life I guess - she's gonna have some falls and I won't be there to catch her every time unfortunately, even though I sure wish I could be. As she grows older, she'll continue to learn, develop, and grow - and yes, probably "fall" :( - but the falls, as they do now, will help to shape, balance, and teach her...and Mama will ALWAYS be there afterwards for some loving!

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The Rozell Family said...

so sweet!I loved reading thsi post. you are such a good writer Jill! Sweet Isabella!!