Monday, August 4, 2008

Felt of many colors

Well the blessing is over and it went wonderfully...there were a couple long nights/mornings finishing things up for it, but it's done, over with, and I'm glad...Today we're doing a bit of picking up and a bit of resting. Lovebug had a big day yesterday but she loved it as she's a social little gal! I'll post more on the blessing food and decor (but of course:) on Wednesday or tomorrow, but here's a little sneak peek...

This rainbow of felt I just thought was beautiful - I created lots of felt flowers inspired by the dress Lovebug wore out of it - well, the whole decor theme revolved around her dress and was my source of inspiration!

Here's a shot of my bowl whilst cutting out some of the white flowers...I had LOTS to cut out but was making very slow progress because my babe (have I mentioned she's very mobile and is getting into everything?:), so I traced them out from patterns I made while she was still asleep one morning and then had this bowl with scissors that I would carry around with me and cut here and there whilst watching/helping/playing with/catching Lovebug :). It worked out pretty well. I had wanted them done a couple days prior to finishing them but such is life I guess with an almost 8 month old.

Here is one of the flowers - this one actually became a clip that went on Lovebug's headband...the pink parts ended up looking kind of like fruit loops, but I thought they coordinated perfectly with the dress - you'll see!

Well, Lovebug just woke up, so more to come in my next post...:) Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


Jade said...

Love all of the bright colors! I need to dust off my crafting stuff today too. And try to keep it out of the paws of my little monkeys!

Monica said...

Ok I have to confess, I am glad to hear you mention you having difficulty in getting things done. I have been reading your blog the last month thinking WHERE DO YOU FIND THE TIME for all you do???? Now I know you have recently entered into the world of a mobile child. I used to get so much done and dinner was a breeze ( and I cook nothing as time consuming as you)now I dinner is tricky. I have a helper at my feet. Just wait till your little one is walking!!! WOW never a dull moment. : ) I have enjoyed finding your blog and seeing your precious girl. She has gotten so big!
I am fascinated by all you cook and that you use nothing disposable??? Impressive. : )

Angela Harris said...

I can't stand the waiting! I want to see all the pictures from your little miss's party! I'm so excited! Oh also...I thought of something I wish I would have had you to explain to me when I was I had just had my kids. I think you should try and make a post of how you do diapering. IT would be very fascinating and I think people (like me) think it's way too hard or gross and they just do it the way they know. When now that you've posted about natural cleaning supplies it's so easy & I dont' understand why people don't just use baking soda and vinegar. So maybe some pictures of what you use and your routine? Now
I 'm potty training my girls but I bet there are a few new moms out there that could benefit from it. Even if they just make the switch to non disposable wipes..

Love Squalor said...

i love this!