Thursday, October 9, 2008

Off to Great-Gramma's

Got up early and the coolness of our nest was heavenly. I love mornings where I'm able to get a couple things done before my babe wakes up. Since she doesn't have a set "schedule" it can prove to be difficult at times but it's getting easier as she gets older. So whether it be a good dvd workout, a run, some blogging, internet research, emails, or what it involved this morning - baking - it's nice to start my day getting some things done before the time with Lovebug begins and all of the fun and craziness that entails :).

I've posted about the above cake before - it's a Vegan Carrot Spice Cake, but this time I made it without the carrots - so it's just a spice cake. Not any old spice cake mind you, it's a really delicious one! Going to add a bit of icing and some raisins, then Lovebug and I are packing it up and taking it to my Gramma's today. She has promised us a lovely lunch of gazpacho, crackers, and fruit...and then my cake for dessert - yum! I'm so excited for Lovebug to see her Great-Gramma and for them to spend some way past due time with each other! As she's a whiz at such things (many and all things really), I'm hoping she can figure out what is wrong with my sewing machine too - as it's not working properly at all :(. Apart from the amount of time driving and gas that will be spent, it's going to be a wonderful day - I just know it! Wishing you all a wonderful Thursday!

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