Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Our Antique Weekend

It was a blast...sooooo much fun! On Monday we woke up and had moments of wishing we were still there, but it's always nice to be back home in our nest. The weather was nice in the morning and then warmed up quite a bit in the afternoon, but it was bearable. Even though it was "preview weekend" the crowds were already out in full force, but I just love the atmosphere there - everyone is out having a good time and enjoying themselves. Lovebug herself really enjoyed it and did so incredibly well. She loves being outside and watching people, especially little kids or other babies, and everyone kept talking to her which she really ate up. She hung out in her shaded jogger most of the time except when she was worn or carried by mama or dada, and we were able to find some quiet shaded spots for nursing and getting her to sleep, so it all worked out really perfectly. We stayed with my sister in-law and family in their lovely home in College Station, where Lovebug was able to play with her little cousins, whom she just adores. Good memories made for sure!

I didn't take too many shots whilst antiquing but wanted to share a couple to give you a taste of what it's like there. This is the famous Royers at Zapp Hall...great food, but not too many vegetarian/vegan options. We bring our own lunches anyway now, but when we've eaten there in the past, it's really yummy and such a fun atmosphere.

And this is their "Bubble Bar"...they have lots of sofas and chairs and serve champagne at night (we've never stayed but it looks fun).

This is "Clutter" - although we've only ever bought some vintage necklaces from them, we get there right when they first open because I enjoy their displaying and styling so much. They also have an Airstream behind their building that serves up some good food and drinks...and again it's all decorated super cute.

Here's where we spend a good amount of time - at "Melissa's", who has the best little vintage stuff around - tons of letters, cards, x-mas ornaments, and ALL kinds of other little stuff.

And probably some of you might have heard of the "Junk Gypsies" (they've been featured in some mags) - well their tent is always fun to walk through even though it's not our style at all.

Alright, on to our buys...we were able to find some cool stuff - some items that were on our list and a few that were not, but that's the way it always is.

I'm pretty in love with this collection of doilies we were able to find...yeah, pretty in love...

Can't wait to clean all these metal babies up and bake with them! Many of the Christmas ones I remember using every year with my Mom, so of course I had to get them and can't wait to use them with Lovebug when she's a bit older.

This is our textile stash we got at different vendors...some various colors of vintage napkins on the top of some cool patterned fabric, and then the rest are vintage hankies - some we'll keep and others will be given away or sold possibly.

I'm also pretty in love with these three syrup decanters we got from different vendors. I searched everywhere for that green one and finally found it right before we left! They're each so different and I adore their colors...they're going to house our molasses, agave, and maple syrup that we tend to use alot. And then the orange chopper - love it! Saw it and knew we had to get it - no hesitation.

This was some stuff we got at "Melissa's"...just letters and stencils for projects I have in my head. She truly does have the coolest stuff!

We wanted to get some vintage Christams ornaments for an advent calendar idea we're working on and this is what we found...aren't the five angels so cute?

There was this table of vintage sewing notions and I just started the colors of the rick rack, love the the pin cushion bracelet, that ribbon I thought was beautiful, and I adore these Asian pin cushions! I'm definitely keeping one but thinking about giving the other one away.

For Lovebug, we found an awesome white metal rocking chair in a modern design, which was right by our car when we were heading out the last day and decided we had to get it. They wanted a little too much for it though so Lovebug and I went over to them to "talk them down"...well, there was no need because as soon as they saw the little gal that would be enjoying it they said "oh absolutely...sure!":) We also got a vintage "Little People" farmhouse for our girl...but shhhhhh, don't tell her because it's going to be a birthday present in a couple months. She won't be playing with it for awhile since the pieces are too little and plastic and she would just constantly suck on everything, but it was a good deal ($20 - pretty good, right Jade?). We're thinking an "animal" theme for her 1st birthday by the way and the event designer in me is already working out the details :).

Other buys include some vintage anchor wide-mouth jars for storing laundry detergent and baking soda and whatnot, some metal baskets for Lovebug's toys, books, etc., and two vintage metal lunchboxes for herbal first aid kits. OH and a red metal rack for the front porch. It used to be a Tom's snack rack but we're going to use it for shoes since we've started a "no shoes in the house" policy.

It was so much fun and I'm in love with all our finds...Alright, I'm ready for Antique Weekend Spring '09 now!


Maria Rose said...

I love antiquing! Looks like you hit the jackpot.

Jade said...

Did you leave anything for me??? Oh I have to go now... What section do you go to? There are so many different sections. I need you with me, I get so overwhelmed with all of the things. Hard to stay focused! :)

And yes, great deal on the farmhouse!!! Score!

Juneau.Eco.Mommie said...

got to love a good antique or two, or the stuff you snagged :)

Thimbleina said...

You got some great stuff there. Wish there was a event like that near me

Joslyn said...

this looks like so much fun. where was it??

Rubyellen said...

Oh my! I love all those things!!! I want WANT one of the T'S on the clutter sign. That would be just what I need for another addition to True's room. Wow! I wish I lived near there.

My husband is from SA, but we live in California. I like Texas, but not sure if I could dish out the heat to live there. We have some friends that live in the Dallas area.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you come again... and keep me updated on your antiquing finds!

Katie Anderson said...

do you know when the spring 2009 weekend is? i so want to go!