Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Shells to pumpkins

This week thus far has partly involved putting away our mementos of summer (yes, FINALLY). I just got to the point where I was ready to let go of it all until next year and was fully open to fall. I love fall...I love all seasons really, but I do love our summer mementos we've collected over the years quite alot. Now that I'm finishing up some of the fall decor today though, I really love the fall ones too :), so it's really the changing of the seasons I truly adore.

Of course with Lovebug walking these days, we had to do the whole pumpkin patch thing this last weekend to officially welcome fall. We got there right before the crowds of people arrived and it was good family fun. Lovebug loved it! She stayed by one particular pumpkin almost the entire time but walked around a bit here and there. She really enjoyed seeing all the other babies and kids, and tried talking to all of them as she's quite the social gal. :) Her favorite part however was the hay and grass that surrounded the pumpkins - she just sat there and played with that for quite some time.

Today, we have errands to run, decor to finish up, bread to make, Lovebug's laundry to do, and some bills to pay, amongst the other everyday stuff of course :). There is a cold front coming through that I can already feel a bit, which is exciting! It makes our nest's change to fall decor seem all the more justified. Maybe we need to make some apple cider to go with our bread today! Have a good one.


Sandy said...

Oooh, I love the pumpkin pictures! :)

MGF said...

The last one is great.
You capture the seashells so awesome.

mayaluna said...

Really beautiful photos on your blog and an adorable daughter to inspire you. Happy Fall!