Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

My goodness, I cannot believe Christmas is here! We've been (are) busy finishing up things for all the festivities. The snowflake fairies visited our house last Friday night so now even though we won't have a white Christmas we can look outside and see "snow". So pretty. My Love and I had fun making them but they are very addicting! We also had so much fun on our first Lovebug-less date on Saturday night! YES, it was way past due, but was still very hard for me at first, but I finally was able to relax and we had SO much fun! We missed our lil' sweetie greatly though and were so excited to get back to her. Thank you again wonderful grandparents!

Yesterday I had a couple high-stress moments because our Christmas cards/Lovebug's "announcement" (yes, she just turned one:) arrived and they looked terrible so we scrambled around trying to fix them...let's see, then some other presents we ordered online arrived and they're wrong or won't work. SO I had to make myself some chamomile tea, turn on some holiday music, calm down, and just relax. I needed a good reminder about what this time of year is all about and what it means to me. It's so easy to get swept into the stress of the season, but I'm good now...and ever since I've been making an assortment of sweet and spicy organic nut mixes, coffee cake, and cookies to enjoy with our families! Still have presents we need to finish up today though too...but not stressing, just enjoying.

WELL, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!!! I hope you all have a wonderful time with your families and friends!


Jade said...

Sounds like you found the perfect way to chill. May you continue to find those places in the next few days. Enjoy yourself.


The Rozell Family said...

so fun ya'll had a date. I don't think we had a revless date until he was about 10 months or so. I remember how hard it was too! I think we just went to chilis or something for dinner and then came right back home to him so I could nurse! Hope ya'll have a merry christmas. i got a REALLY cool waffle maker from William Sanoma!

Jashley and Grant said...

The snowflakes are beautiful! I wish I was there to see your gorgeous decorations.

Marjorie said...

Merry Christmas :)

Your little girl is so cute. I bet it was a fun time with her on Christmas morning!

Maria Rose said...

Happy New Year!

maya said...

oh, WOW you 3 are gorgeous! I love these pictures, you really can see what a sweet angel she is, with the slightest tilt to her features. Beautiful. I'm trying so hard to convince D to head out for his South Lake reunion this summer. Looks like we'llbe seeing you!