Friday, May 1, 2009

Fiesta Party

I wrote this earlier in the week but am just getting around to posting it. Anyway, last weekend was SUCH a blast! My Love's parents threw a big 60/80 fiesta themed party to celebrate his grandparents being alive 80 years with 60 of those together!

Alot of family members flew and drove from different parts of the country to be there to celebrate the two of them. It was so much fun and the special couple thoroughly enjoyed themselves!

My little part of the very detailed and planned party was the decor which was really fun to put together. My in-laws and my Love's aunt did the rest and they did such an incredible job! Fiesta decor is so colorful and vibrant, which made it all the more fun! All of the fiesta supplies and decor I got from the famed San Antonio Amol's and I love it all!

Everything is all handmade, SO colorful, and just beautiful. I had wanted to make the paper picado banners we put everywhere myself, but just ran out of time unfortunately. The ones they sent me are far prettier than I could have ever done though! The handmade paper flowers that I arranged in some of my vases and containers are gorgeous too! So, if you ever need fiesta decor, check out Amol's!

For one of the centerpieces, my mother in-law requested it to be pictures of the couple's kids, grandkids, and great grandkids. We had found a metal tree at Antique Weekend for our advent Christmas tree, but thought it would work for this as well.

I found the little vintage sombrero on Etsy and the handmade paper flowers are again from Amol's, which I just twisted onto the branches and trunk. I carefully chose and cut the photos of everyone, and then put a little bit of temporary tape on the back of them and added a little ribbon loop and voila, a fiesta photo tree! My sweet mother in-law was very pleased and everyone enjoyed looking at all the pictures.

My mother in-law found these really cute maracas that all the kids (and adults:) just loved. They were fun little favors too!

The food was an overwhelming array of delicious Tex-Mex (of course) and once we began eating on the patio, a live mariachi band came playing around the corner. My in-laws are known for their surprises, but this one was especially enjoyable.

They entertained everyone for an hour and the special couple got up and danced a bit, which was so cute! Thank goodness the weather cooperated and it wasn't too hot that day.

We stumbled upon the little fiesta dress that Lovebug wore at Antique Weekend and of course HAD to get it! It was perfect and she kept the little flower hair clip I made her on nearly the entire day.

She had such a ball getting to play with her sweet cousins all day long...Lovebug and this beautiful cousin of hers especially adore each other! :)

My in-laws had pictures of the special couple from throughout their life set out all over their house which was really neat. The dining room was set up as the "wedding room" with alot of their wedding memorabilia as the decor, including her wedding dress, their wedding album, guest book, newspaper announcement, and other special mementos. It was so sweet to look back at their 60 years together!

There was also a replica wedding cake with their original wedding topper (so cute!). They cut their cake and even fed each other, which was just beyond precious!

It really was just the most perfect day and so wonderful to have all of our family there to celebrate the still very happy in-love couple! Well, I wanted to share it with you all. Have a lovely weekend everyone! I'm spending mine with these two lovelies whom I just adore...


Thimbleina said...

It looks like such a beautiful day and such a wonderful occasion to celebrate.

Joslyn said...

oh that looks like perfection~!

The Rozell Family said...

these are awesome pics Jill! I love all the bright colors!! I like your labels by the way, I have been trying to get mine done too. I always sit down to finish them and get interrupted, go figure!

love ya

Simply Stork said...

oh now that looks like a wonderful bright and cheery :o)


Kotori said...

What a perfect party... I love the idea of a 60/80 party how nice to still be in love after all those years together!

Jess said...

Looks like so much fun! The paper flowers are darling :)

Maria Rose said...

Wow, you did a wonderful job! How lucky they are to have had so much time together!

Emily said...

What a gorgeous party! Everything is so beautiful! -e

gardenmama said...

What beautiful, colorful, *handmade* decorations!
How lovely to celebrate 80 years of life in such a loving and thoughtful way!

Jessica said...

That party looks like it was a great time...those flowers are so lovely and bright!

Leigh said...

what a fun, fantastic, amazing party! moreover, what a fabulous reason to throw one! congratulations on the beautiful occasion of their 60 years together. inspiring!

Erin said...

i miss your pretty-blogging posts...where are you girlie?

Stephanie said...

A 60/80 fiesta! How wonderful! I always love hearing "true love stories" of people that have stayed together for years and years.

Your little girl is super cute in that fiesta dress with a flower in her hair. She's a perfect little princesa!