Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer in Texas

It's been just ridiculously hot as of late here...and yes, we live in Texas and yes, we should expect that, but still. I am a summer gal and love the season, even with the scorching sun and often uncomfortably hot temperatures. But's SO hot...even in the shade!

Our goal was to make it to July without turning on the A/C. Well, we didn't quite make it and turned it on 2 weeks ago for my birthday. So we missed our goal by 3 weeks unfortunately! I was diappointed, but our dinners were becoming a bit unpleasant since our dining room is the hottest room in the house for whatever reason :(. My Love and I can handle it, but seeing Lovebug with a little sweat mustache at dinner was too much and my birthday served as a good excuse too :).

It hasn't been that bad though with what we typically do, which is open the windows at night to let the "cool" fresh air in and close them once we wake up to keep it in. Of course, minimal clothing is helpful too, as is little to no oven and stove use. I didn't feel bad the first week because the A/C didn't flip on until around 5 PM (we have it set at 84 during the day and 83 during the really hot late afternoon/evening time). Then the second week it started to come on around 4ish, which was OK. But yesterday it flipped on at NOON, because it was our first official 100-degree day! it's definitely summer in Texas now!

I have so many things on my list for this season and cannot wait to get more of them started and done with. The thing I am MOST excited about though is our upcoming trip to the beach. It will be our first vacation with just the three of us and it could not come soon enough! Do you have any summer trips or projects planned?

Well, have a great Wednesday! I guess we'll see what time our A/C flips on today...


hanna said...

Ooh you could send some of that heat over our way, I'm sitting here with cold fingers and toes.
Yay for a family holiday! We so need to do that too - we meant to go away somewhere before summer was over, now we're thinking maybe a litte trip to the snow. We too have never been on a proper holiday wth just the four of us.

jade said...

105 is the forecast in austin today. 105! that's insane. the only way i can go outside is if i'm at the pool. we are going to the florida keys in july! can't wait to be by the ocean breezes!

have fun on your trip. you are right, it can not come soon enough!


robina said...

i absolutely feel you on the goals. we are trying to make it till august here in nyc which has been easy thus far because it has RAINED and been a bit chilly 95% of june (which i must say is its own brand of unpleasant, and certainly imo less preferable to intense heat because a) i'm a summer girl having grown up in pakistan along with new york; b) our garden is a SWAMP and some of our beautiful seedlings are now getting totally waterlogged!!). i don't think we will make it til august, but i think TRYING and being conscious of our choices is really key here. so kudos to you guys. and we also employ the nightttime cool air/morning time closed windows mentality. i'm amazed it works in texas!

(ps, hi! i've been reading for a little while but this is my first comment.)

Maria Rose said...

Yikes. I am thankful for a day of respite from the heat. It's already hot here in WY.

Joslyn said...

bravo to you for going as long as you did.

we got a little cool front today! i bet you have your windows open ;-)