Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Little Milestones

How was your weekend? Ours was lovely, productive, and had a few little milestones for us. The first one being the removal of two gates that were keeping Lovebug from the living room (it's sunken with concrete flooring). I HATED having them and really hated keeping her from a room in the house, but we had one incident when she first started walking that scared us pretty bad so they were necessary for awhile. But after 9 months of walking experience, she's got it down :) plus she does really well with steps so we thought she was ready...and so far, so good. She has recently become such a climber and was trying to climb the gates too, which further spurred on the gate removal. She was unbelievably happy when my Love took them down and I so wish I had a picture of her face :).

Afterwards, the house automatically felt bigger for whatever reason which I wasn't expecting. There was alot of rearranging and Lovebug-proofing that had to be done so that took awhile. But it was SO worth it! She loves going up and down the step and just LOVES being in there! There will probably at some point be a fall but we did put rugs down all along the step to hopefully help minimize any pain. Anyway, it's a wonderful little milestone...

Our other one of sorts was my Love and I celebrated 9 years of being together! 9 years ago this past weekend we went on our first date and we've been together ever since. :) We celebrated by going to a local Mexican restaurant which is what we did on our first date too. It was a simple but long dinner and we just chatted about our first date, the last 9 years, and all the MANY MANY ones ahead of us. It has been such a blast and only continues to gets more and more fun! I love you my Love.

Another milestone we tackled this last weekend was that we finally hung something up in the back of the house! We are still in the process of finishing the remodeling of the back, but it's mostly done (minus the bathrooms) and we just haven't hung anything, not wanting to put any nails in our white walls :). Well, for our upcoming 5th wedding anniversary we had this incredible artist paint a masterpiece for us. We just fell in love with her work and had our eye on one particular painting but it sold unfortunately, so instead she created a custom one just for us which worked out even better! Have I mentioned lately that I LOVE and ADORE Etsy?! I seriously do! Anyway, that's a peek of the painting up above...oh how I love it!

So it was indeed a good weekend. Here's to a wonderful rest of the (short) week!


Maria Rose said...

Happy anniversary!

Stephanie said...

I love Etsy too. Such an inspiring place to browse and shop.

Crafty Girls Workshop said...

Happy anniversary. So, where in Texas do you live? Would it happen to be San Antonio? I doubt it, since there isn't much cool air to go through the windows in the evenings lately. I live in San Antonio, if you can't tell. Thanks for your blog. I think it's great that someone else in Texas wants to live an eco conscious life. I am trying, but my sister is accomplishing it. She's vegan too, and she lives in Houston. I hope she'll stop by and say hi.


Joslyn said...

happy anniversary and how cool that you commissioned a piece from Michelle. her work is absolutely amazing!