Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Our Water Day

Did you have a good weekend? We sure did! It was nice, restful, and yet productive too. Yesterday was particularly enjoyable and was kind of a big water day in the backyard.

We started here in the little pool. It's the only non-PVC one I could find, plus it fits all of us and has a canopy. I wanted to provide a link to it since it's non-PVC but they don't have it anymore apparently - darn it! Anyway, it doesn't look the coolest but it works really well and provides a good amount of enjoyment and cooling off for Lovebug (and mommy/daddy too)!

Then we moved here to the galvanized "pool", which really became the dumping area for all of the rocks, dirt, and whatnot Lovebug started to gather...and where to wash off her ever-dirty hands.

After that, we moved to the sprinkler which was super fun for all of us. Lovebug especially loved cupping it and letting the water erupt out as I'm showing her here...

By this point we were all very hungry, so we gathered up some leftovers and had a picnic lunch in the backyard (with lots of water), which was so fun until we became under ant attack. By the way, those are bracelets she put on her ankles in the morning and then wore all day...so cute! :)

Then after lunch, Lovebug and her daddy were so sweet to make us some dessert. Dirt + water = mud pies...YUM!

It was so much fun! The day ended with a long bath for Lovebug which is a very rare treat as we always do showers. So, it certainly was quite the water day...

SO, what did you do??? Hope you have a good one today!


Maria Rose said...

What a beautiful day. I love the photos! I am under the spell of the nesting instinct so that is where all of my energy is going as of late.

PS~Erin said...

What a perfectly awesome day. My little ones love water too!!

thedoodlegirl said...

A mud pie party! How fun! You are so nice to let her do that! What a beautiful blog you have. :)

gardenmama said...

such sweetness in your day : )
water play is always so much fun, what a lovely family you have!

Stephanie said...

Oh, the delight of simple things! Those kind of days are the absolute best. We have "picnics" at least a few times a week around here... :)


Cristin said...

mud pies! yum. ;-)