Monday, November 16, 2009

Coloring Al Fresco

Lately the weather has been completely lovely so we have tried to be outside as much as possible. I've mentioned before how much Lovebug LOVES to color and draw...well, she really does. In fact we get crayons and/or colored pencils out pretty much first thing in the morning and we color off and on ALL day long.

She recently started to tell me what she is drawing all on her own which I think is pretty darn cute. She typically sticks with "baby", "bowl", "mommy", "daddy", "dog", or "tree" right now, but she throws out random things sometimes which amaze me. She is very into drawing "lines" and "circles" right now too. Anyway, I just adore her abstract masterpieces!

With the weather being so delightful we decided to color al fresco a couple mornings and early afternoons. The leaves have been falling like crazy around here which has been really fun to watch. There is such a simple beauty to it that I just love. So we set our quilt on a blanket of leaves and colored as more continued to fall all around us. It was quite enjoyable!

When we color, we do so often on paper scraps like the back of packing slips and junk mail but this is our favorite coloring book from Green Field Paper Company that we all love to color in. I particularly love its size and of course that it's hemp. It's fun to get out Lovebug's older versions and see how her art has changed in just a short period of time. As far as crayons, we love these soy rocks and soy Prangs. Lovebug doesn't like the paper on the Prangs though so we end up taking that off right away for whatever reason :). I have been saving all of the wrapper scraps for an upcoming project though that I'll share at a later date! We also have some vintage crayolas I got off Etsy that we pull out occasionally as well.

Anyway, while outside one day we decided to gather up some things from around us and work on the names of colors. Lovebug generally says everything is "blue" right now which is just adorable. She's getting some other colors down though too.

We also separated the crayons by color which my little organizer really liked helping with! By this time the sun was incredibly bright though so none of my shots turned out wonderfully but you get the idea. I like seeing a rainbow of colors - so pretty!

Well, are the leaves still falling where you are? Isn't it beautiful? There is a bit of a cold front that has come through, but I bet there is still more al fresco coloring and falling leaf watching that will occur this week as well...

Have a great Monday!


Maria Rose said...

I think the photos turned out well. Your daughter is simply gorgeous and I think maybe you have a little artist on your hands!

Stephanie said...

Such sweet photos! All of those colors make me happy.

Your days remind me of our days - leisurely...and full of art. :)

The Rozell Family said...

wonderful pics! we are excited about her BD party! Rev has already asked "can I play with their digger"!!! Have ya'll fixed that yet? He loves that toy!! see ya next week, we are off for a walk.