Friday, June 11, 2010

It was a special day...

Today is my birthday. I love birthdays. Today is also the day of the year we turn on our A/C, which further makes my birthday special. It's been tough the last two weeks with our nest reaching 87 or 88 most days, but we persevered. So this morning after we continued to let the cool(er) morning air in, we closed up the windows and turned on the A/C to enjoy a lovely breakfast made by sweet Love. It felt so nice! It's amazing what difference 7 to 8 degrees makes! OH and my above breakfast was delicious...sprouted wheat waffles with banana, strawberries, coconut oil, a little bit of dark chocolate :), and some maple syrup. There was also tempeh and breakfast pototoes too! It was a very special treat from my typical raw breakfast.

Today, Lovebug and I worked in the garden a bunch, played in her dirt box, did laundry, dehydrated nuts, made juice, picked up, hung laundry on the drying racks, worked on reservations for an upcoming trip, played with/organized bottle caps, broke down boxes in our garage for recycling, colored, nursed ALOT, did yoga, made salad for lunch, read books, received a wonderful note from an old friend, played with cars, prepared many snacks, listened to alot of music, talked to or texted family members, finished a watermelon, went pretend "shopping" many times, laughed a TON, and had a grand ole' time together. I hurried off to soccer practice once my Love got home and after that we enjoyed the most wonderful dish of pasta for dinner. It was an avocado pesto on linguini...SOOOO yummy and just what I needed after all that sweating at practice. My Love also made these rosemary skewer things with zucchini and yellow squash from the garden ...oh my gosh, SO good! My Love is just the best!

The day ended with starting the finale of last season's Top Chef (we're still trying to catch up before the new season starts) and some leftover chocolate mint cake and mint ice cream - YUM!!

Hope you all had as special of a day as I did!


happy owl erin said...

yeah, yeah happy birthday! love days like these. hope you were spoiled!!

Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday to you, Crazy Crunchy Girl! ;) I'm so happy to know you. You inspire me w/ your healthy eating, gentle parenting, and commitment to fitness.