Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Six years ago...

We celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary this last weekend. Our little family started the day playing some tennis followed by swimming. What fun it was to think back to how we started our day six years ago - surrounded by our family and friends becoming husband and wife. It was such a beautiful serene morning on our favorite Texas beach!

Later in the day on our anniversary my Love and I went out on a little date. It had been almost a year since our last one! We snuck in a yummy veggie sushi dinner to see "Eclipse" and had so much fun! We hadn't been to the movie theater since right before Lovebug was born so it was pretty bizarre. We hurried home right after the movie though to see our little gal who we missed so much! :)

Throughout the day we'd say "six years ago right now..." and fill in with what we remembered. It's so neat to reminisce about that incredible morning/day of ours and I cannot wait to share more and more of it with Lovebug as she gets older. Anyway, I always say this but I cannot believe it's been six years...more than that though, we also just celebrated 10 years of being together which is even harder to believe. A whole decade together - WOW, what fun! And SO much more fun to come.

Happy anniversay my Love! You are my soulmate and the one I will aways love, forever and ever. For me, God made thee. Truly. Thank you so much for being you, the absolute best partner imaginable. You drive me wild in every way! I love you!

OH and of course, props to our amazing photographer, Michelle Young of Endearing Studios...she's amazing, just the nicest person, AND she's a new mommy! :) Thanks Michelle.

This weekend we're heading out on a little trip...have a great one!


Stephanie said...

Happy Anniversary...and enjoy your trip!

Also - Did you like "Eclipse"? I saw the 1st Twilight movie, but have yet to see the 2nd or 3rd ones.


Endearing Studios said...

What a beautiful day it was 6 years ago! Congratulations!

the abernathy's said...

WOW! six years! congrats, i love it! and a whole decade together! i am so glad you are so happy and in love. isnt it just amazing the way god creates us just perfectly for one another?! it is truly amazing. matt and i have been together for five year's and married 3.5 and already it is hard to remember life without him. SUCH a blessing! so wonderfully happy for you friend! xo blessings...