Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Rain, Rain Go Away!

It's a dreary and rainy day here in North Texas so I thought I would post a photo of this beautiful colorful fabric I recently got while vintage fabric shopping. It was bought at a really cool vintage clothing store called Circa 77 that my good friend Emily turned me on to. The owners are mother, Janie, and daughter, Christina (here's her blog), and they are so wonderful and helpful. I, with Janie's help, was able to rummage around and find some beautiful embroidered table runners with birds on them and some other fabric for the shower we're throwing J and G this weekend. Plus some other fabrics for future projects...Also got a cool book of Shakespeare's collected poems and sonnets at Recycled Books on the square (which is an awesome store by the way!) that I'm using for the shower too. Liked what Circa had so much I went back again and got some vintage sweaters that I'm using as project materials for the shower as well. Anyway, wanted to mention Circa and maybe bring some color to your day!

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The Rozell Family said...

I LOVE the material you chose. I have to go over there sometime and check out her stuff. Did she have good prices?

how are you? I Havent heard from you in awhile. I want to see pics of the shower!