Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Pennant Party

Recently we hosted a little party for the April/May family birthdays and had a wonderful time. Thought I'd share some of the decor...Pennants and clothespins kind of became the "theme" and I made the centerpiece of the event a branch tree (branches leftover from J&G wedding) with colorful felt mini pennants that I sewed together into a garland with white embroidery thread and added some leftover ribbon from the wedding. The tree I actually made originally for a friend's surprise birthday party (see below pic) - on which little toys and chocolates were hung for the children guests - very cute!...

And then here it is re-done for our pennant party:

The below birthday banner was made from leftover fabric remnants from the birdseed favors from J&G shower (which were leftover from making our curtains)...I kept them because I was sure there was SOMETHING I could do with them :)...I didn't have to do much at all except cut the fabric into pennants, as it was already folded over and sewn, and then cut up the felt letters and glue them on with non-toxic felt glue. Pretty simple! I still have leftover fabric so I might be making more or thinking of something else to do with it...Any ideas?

It was simple, but family fun as always! Have a great Tuesday!


Brad & Jen Windle said...

These are such cute and creative ideas! Love all the bright colors!

The Rozell Family said...

OH MY GOSH JILL!!! I WANT THIS BANNER!!!! make one for me!:):) I LOEV IT!

We are back, cant wait for you to see pics!

miss you, lets hang out thsi week.
we went to the "real goods solar institute" in California, it was AMAZING. we have so much to tell you adn show you. I WAS SOOOOOO INSPIRED and encouraged there. It was incredible! We want solar panels so bad now!

Chrissy said...

It all looks so cheery! Love the banner!

amy t sharp said...

so lovely!!!! OK- I am so coming back here all the time!!!!