Monday, June 23, 2008

Organic Tour...and a good baking substitution

On Saturday morning we went on an interesting farm/garden tour with some friends and the local organic was neat to see how a different green family lives and all that they're trying to do. I think it took my Love back to his college horticulture classes...and Lovebug loved it as she adores being outside. It was a gorgeous Texas (hot:) summer morning with a very blue sky and lots of pretty green all around us!

Sidenote...this last weekend's waffle making ritual was going great until I realized we only had (1) Tablespoon of baking powder left (and we normally double the recipe posted below for the week) - uh oh! I googled a substitution for baking powder and came up with this: (1/4) tsp of baking soda and (1/3) cup molasses = (1) tsp of baking powder.

So we did (3/4) tsp baking soda and (1) cup molasses for the (1) T of baking powder needed to finish the waffles and only about (1.5) cups of rice milk (maybe play that by ear after add the molasses and everything else)...and they turned out GREAT! Darker than usual obviously because of the color of molasses but really yummy (gingerbready) - AND they had the added health benefits of blackstrap molasses - incredible amounts of iron, copper, manganese, potassium, and magnesium.

SO we might always make that substitution from now on - just a little FYI if anyone wants to try that in the waffles...Can't wait to try it in something else now too! Anybody have any other healthy vegan baking subs that they'd like to share? We already do the flaxseed mixture for eggs, sucanat for sugar/brown sugar, and coconut oil or applesauce for butter/oil...but I'd love to hear any others!! Hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend.


The Rozell Family said...

ha ha, that was an interesting tour! Fun to be outside though and I ate my organic cucumber for lunch as well as on my salad today too! It was really good. We have been planting all morning adn working in the yard. I planted sage adn eucalyptus (inspired by you guys).

Juneau.Eco.Mommie said...

love those chubby hands!
-namaste, erin