Friday, June 20, 2008

What's Cooking

Lately on the weekends we've been making whole wheat waffles in bulk to last the week...freezing and popping them in the oven for a few minutes every morning. I add a few spoonfuls of almond butter and sprinkle on some flaxseed...add a cup of coffee from our vintage glass percolator (my latest Etsy find that I *heart*)...and that's my current favorite breakfast (oh how I LOVE breakfast/brunch)! What's the fave meal you like to start your day with??

I got the recipe from's so easy. We alter it a bit by doing all whole wheat pastry flour and rice instead of soy milk...and sometimes add a couple teaspoons of cinnamon or sliced almonds to the could also add cranberries, raisins, or chocolate or carob chips for a sweet treat - yummy!

Vegan Waffles - makes about 7 waffles

(1) cup - Whole wheat pastry flour
(2) T - Baking powder
(1/4) tsp - Salt
(1) cup - Rice milk
(1/2) cup - Applesauce

Combine flour, baking powder, and salt...Add rice milk and applesauce. Pour into lightly greased waffle iron (we use olive oil) and bake until golden brown...


Juneau.Eco.Mommie said...

yummy! one more summer goodie to try, thanks. I plan on making lotions like crazy on sunday. This is all experimental, I am going to make some later for Christmas presents too. In a pretty little vintage bottle.
oh, and I can't live without my daily coffee either. Happy solstice!

Angela Harris said...

Thank goodness for you. Last year around this time I went on the Raw Food Detox Diet & lost 20 pounds in about 3 months. I loved it & slowly after the holidays have gone back to alot of sugary things. Recently waffles have been a favorite of the kids & I know almst all of it is unrecognizable ingredients. I had stopped buying them b/c I felt horrible giving them to the kids. so I needed this post badly. Thank you!