Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Aren't extended weekends the best?

Hope everyone had a wonderful extended weekend. We sure did - it involved a little this and a little that. Our walk one morning by the nearby lake was a highlight, as everything was so overgrown and lush. Another highlight was watching For the Bible Tells Me So, which is a powerful documentary that looks at homosexuality and the church. It is such an amazing, inspiring reminder of the unconditional love that we are to show our children. I definitely recommend it!

The weekend also included a couple other movies, another hankie pouch sewn for my brother's birthday, a little yoga, some house cleaning, a fun extended family dinner, a new haircut for my Love (which he had to finish himself b/c I couldn't do what he wanted me to do, so gone are his gorgeous waves - for now - and now he's got a sexy short cut:), and as always, some good food cooked by our nest's Top Chef (oh, and my cookies!)...It was delightful. Oh how I wish all weekends were that long.

Hope yours was just as delicious!

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Claire, said...

I cut my loves hair too, it takes me forever. I've just this week determined I'm going to take a class so I can cut their hairs forever! And so I wont take me forever to do it.

I will have to check out this documentary, it sounds interesting. I have a gay brother and so does my husband, I wouldn't have them any other way, they are uniquely their own people, as I am, and you are. I honor that. I love life and it sounds like you do too, life loves a lover.