Thursday, September 4, 2008

Enjoying it while we can!

Yesterday, we were blessed with some somewhat cooler weather (it was in the 70's!) and it was highly enjoyable. When it came time to go on our almost daily walk, it felt so strange actually putting clothes on my girl! Found some pants and a hoodie that fit her and off we went.

All the beautiful trees swayed in the wind, leaves blew across us on the street, a cool breeze went across our faces, and it was WONDERFUL. We got home and even baked some pumpkin cranberry bread (thanks for the recipe Emily!) to help fulfill our fall cravings. Lovebug wasn't in a baking mood however so it was done by mama as quickly as possible, and thankfully, it's an easy recipe. The house was delightfully naturally cool all day and we had to wear socks - craziness! We even went on a second walk in the evening to further enjoy the fall-like weather. Last night was one of those nights we actually needed our duvet pulled up over the three of us :)...and this morning I was yearning for a long sleeve shirt when I first started out on my run. So hopefully today will be more of the same!!! may feel like fall, it kind of looks like fall, and our pumpkin cranberry bread makes it taste like fall...but us Texans know it's only a tease as it's not quite fall YET! But we'll enjoy it while we can and be mindful that it's a reminder of things to come in the near future...Alright, off to enjoy the weather with my babe - Have a beautiful one!

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