Wednesday, September 10, 2008

If you're feeling "blah"

Last night my Love made a delicious kale and garlic whole wheat pasta dish with no recipe followed - he's amazing!...he's the "Top Chef" around this nest and I'm typically his "sous-chef" (but I bake - OH, I do bake!). Tonight I'm going to surprise him though because Lovebug and I are making him a special dinner - well, it's "special" because I'm making it (but there will certainly be a recipe followed :).

While we were doing dishes after din-din last night, my Love mentioned he had kind of felt physically "blah" all afternoon. Well I went straight to our pantry and gathered up some supplements and ingredients to make a little immune-boosting drink for him, and wanted to share it. I used oat milk, but the base could be whatever - orange juice, almond milk, or I suppose, even water, but to it I added some Berry Green which has probiotics in it and some powdered whole-food Vitamin C. Whole-food Vitamin C is MUCH better than synthetic Vitamin C (absorbic acid), which isn't the greatest because your body doesn't absorb much of it - you might have heard it called "expensive yellow pee". For our Vitamin C, we currently use this, but are about to switch to Alive! Vitamin C, which is from organic fruit. Lastly, I added a little agave nectar to sweeten it up. Then the supplements included a Calcium tab and a couple All-Flora probiotics to get some extra good bacteria in his body. We put the Berry Green and Vitamin C powder in our green fruit smoothies every morning but since he was feeling "blah" I wanted him to get more of all that goodness inside of him, because we can't have our Dada getting sick!

I've been doing alot of research into homeopathic and herbal remedies the last couple of months and am thoroughly enjoying it, but this was just some stuff to help boost his immune system. I would HIGHLY suggest getting your whole family to start taking some probiotics every day (especially kids)...Some other good things to add would be ground flaxseed or flax oil (add to smoothies, salad dressings, etc. and the flaxseed to baked goods, sandwiches, etc.) and a good whole-food vitamin C, as well as something like Juice Plus or Berry Green which will help to ensure you're getting as many fruits and veggies as possible because it's hard to get as many as your body needs - we're vegan and it's even hard for us!

All of these things, along with lots of pure water and good rest/sleep, and as much organic fruits/veggies and whole grains as possible will do alot for our immune systems in the upcoming fall/winter months. My goal is to constantly try to improve my family's health in some way so I'm forever seeking, learning, and evolving and LOVE it so! I'll try to share bits here and there with you all if that's cool.

So anyway, after the extra immune boost, it was off to bed for some good sleep so said the Doc! Well my Love went off early this morning for a good run so hopefully he's feeling GREAT and not "blah" today! Looking forward to cooking that "special" dinner for you tonight sweetheart - See you then my Love.

P.S. I KNOW these pics have nothing to do with this post but the lighting was so pretty the other day and I couldn't resist taking some shots of Lovebug playing with the toy chest's latch. She looks so serious in that first one...wonder what she's thinking? :)


Thimbleina said...

Is that a fleece nappy wrap? I do so miss cloth nappies. Mister T has decided to potty train and I think that is the end of nappies for me. Hope the meal went well. Have you read any books on Helen and Scott Nearing? He lived to a ripe old age and they ate a raw diet. Not that I do but I think it is interesting to read about their lifestyle and take some of the bits away that suit you.

Katie said...

Hi! I discovered your blog through Jashley, and I have to say, I really love it. Your life is so pure and joyful and... well, green! I admire that.

Where do you get your probiotics and supplements? Is that a Sun Harvest/ Whole Foods type of purchase? I'd love to get some but I have no idea where to look! GNC maybe? Thanks for your input!

Chrissy said...

Your pictures are always so great, they don't need to be relevant! Thanks for sharing!

Hannah said...

this is so fascinating... my husband and i eat "pretty well." he's a fish-eating vegetarian and the only meat i eat is fish and fowl. we avoid as many nasty chemicals as possible and buy only organic milk... if we were independently wealthy, i'm sure we'd do a lot more. :) i'd love to learn more about suppliments. i've been wanting to look into it for a while, but it's so daunting... and who do you believe? that's my constant dilemma. who do you believe? who's telling the truth and who's trying to sell you something? anyway, if you don't mind, shoot me an email some time with some good places to start - books, reliable website... i'd really appreciate it. and no rush - we're all busy. :) p.s. lovebugs don't have to be relevant. :D

Claire, said...

Beautiful shots of lovely baby skin!

I have a husband who does all and cook a meal at the end of the day too. It's so nice to share the responsibility and know you'll be getting a great meal.

Remember to eat the colors of the rainbow each day.