Monday, September 8, 2008

It goes by so quickly...

Promise I'm not going to start reviewing a movie every Monday, but we watched another documentary this last weekend that I wanted to pass along - Wordplay. It's a pretty fascinating look into the competitive world of crossword puzzles and all the incredible devotees to the NYT ultimate one. It kept us smiling and even laughing aloud at some parts - the real-life characters are almost straight out of an SNL skit. It was really inspiring to see how passionate they all are about the game. Anyway, if you want a light-hearted enjoyable movie, rent it and you'll for sure find yourself wanting to do a crossword puzzle afterwards:)! AND we enjoyed some yummy Coconut Bliss "ice cream" while watching it - it's a new find and is delicious! It's vegan, certified organic, made with healthy coconut milk and sweetened with agave nectar - YEA, finally a vegan "ice cream" that's not soy! It really is delicious - we found it at our local C-M. It says they ship overnight to your door though - just saying, it's THAT good!

Some big news on the Lovebug front - she's walking! WELL, she's taking steps. She took 4 on Friday and it's been many here and there all weekend - the most has been 5 consecutive, but it's just crazy because I swear that girl was just inside of me! She's growing up so fast. She ALSO started to talk alot more this last weekend...lots of gibberish and LOTS of "mama" as always, but we've got lots of "dada" and "baba" and "gaga" now as well which is so exciting. Such a sweet little voice too! Aaah, love it. We got some good silly pics of our Lovebug this last weekend that I adore, so I thought I'd share some!

Some errands were ran on Saturday, one of which was to Barnes and Noble - has anyone seen the new Boho magazine? Their first issue is out and I love it - it definitely is focused on fashion and beauty, but all green-minded. It's printed on 100% post-consumer paper and processed chlorine-free, which is so wonderful, and the whole design/look of it is beautiful. I found the articles to be well-written and overall very enjoyable, and it was nice flipping through a magazine without all the ridiculous amounts of wasteful advertising. I'm very interested to see their subsequent issues!

Afterwards, we headed to our fave Mexican spot for a little lunch. We even ate OUTSIDE because it felt so lovely while Lovebug amazingly slept - and Mommy/Daddy got to have some alone talk time :). It was nice. OH and we had our first video conference call with my dear sister in South Korea - it was wonderful (but crazy) seeing her beautiful face and hearing all about their new life there! The weekend was amazing, but went by way too quickly as always and now it's Monday...but I woke up early and got a good workout in, so I'm ready to face the week with all of its challenges and items on Lovebug and I's "To-Do-List"...and I know the weekend with my Love/Dada will be here before we know it.

Happy Monday all!


Thimbleina said...

Nice to hear about a magazine that hasn't got lots of advertising. I'm refusing to buy any until I find one like that. Lovebug looks gorgeous in the photos and congratulations to her for making her first steps.

Claire, said...

Adorable pictures mama.
I haven't heard of Boho. I seldom go to large book sellers and prefer my local shop.
But we get a bunch of no-ad mags for the girls.
Like other poster we get Lovebug which Zuzu, who's 4 loves, great stuff to read and look at no ads.
We get Cicada for our 14 year old.
Go to cricket magazine group and shop by age.
Another great post!

Juneau.Eco.Mommie said...

can't wait to check out the mag.
love it when they start walking...but watch out she will be running across the room before you will know it. FYI the scone recipe was actually vegan (vegan butter and yogurt). But I am sure you have 100 more tricks up your sleeve

Jashley and Grant said...

Aww...Bella is growing up so fast! I need to see her on SKYPE very soon so that she doesn't forget who I am! She is downright PRECIOUS! I love the pictures! She is so silly!