Monday, November 24, 2008

Thanksgiving Stew

So alot of people probably wonder what vegetarians/vegans eat for Thanksgiving...NO, we don't eat Tofurkey! In fact, we have never once cooked tofu, but that seems to be what alot of people think :). Actually we usually take a yummy quinoa squash pie as the vegetarian entree, but this year we're changing things up and taking a stew. Not any old stew mind you - it's called "Three Sisters" stew and it's delicious! We love this dish as it contains some of our faves- beans, corn, and squash, which makes it very hearty and nutritious. Plus, in Native American mythology, squash, beans, and corn are known as the "three sisters", which makes it perfect for Thanksgiving. Click on the above link because they have other great recipes too!

Hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend - ours was mainly spent cleaning out our garage :). However, here are some pics from a walk (see, we DO have some red and orangish leaves here in Texas:) and Lovebug having a good laugh and blowing you all kisses! Have a fabulous week getting ready for your Thanksgiving festivities!


Maria Rose said...

Alas, I will be making a tofurkey this Thanksgiving. I have non-vegan family coming and it was their request.

Simply Stork said...

there are many beautiful pictures here :o)

and yes... I was wondering what vegetarians eat on thanksgiving :o)