Friday, November 21, 2008


Next Thursday is quickly approaching, isn't it? Thanksgiving is always a beautiful fun day! Ours starts with the traditional 5K Trot around downtown "D" followed by a day of giving thanks with both of our families.

Here are some things we can all do to make our Thanksgiving healthier for our families and the environment:

*Use LOCAL ORGANIC ingredients...hit up your farmer's market (find yours here) this weekend and use whatever they have to make some delicious entree and/or side dishes. They may not be the dishes you usually make for Thanksgiving, but why not change things up to keep them interesting?! Support those local hard-working farmers and their harvest!

*If you can't buy local AND organic, then at least go ORGANIC (some would disagree and say go local in lieu of non-local organic, but we always go organic). Your food will be healthier for your family, plus benefit the environment as well by supporting sustainable non-destructive farming methods.

*Healthy up your ingredients in your traditional dishes in whatever other ways possible! I'm no expert, but if any of you have any questions on how to do this, I'll certainly give it a shot with a suggestion of what we would do!

*Don't use anything disposable. Ensure less waste ends up in our landfills by using cloth napkins, your pretty plates, and real glasses and silverware!

*Create a Thanksgiving tablescape with beautiful items gathered from nature and/or organic seasonal squash and whatnot that you can end up eating afterwards.

I know it's incredibly wishful to think that many Amerians would forego the traditional turkey in lieu of a vegetarian entree, as I know to many of you (and it was the same for me before going veg) that it's not really Thanksgiving without turkey. However, even your turkey choice can be healthier (and more humane). Search to find a local farm within driving distance for an organic one. You might be surprised by what is right around you! However, if you cannot find one, then you can buy organic heritage turkeys (and so many other organic ingredients) from Local Harvest's Thanksgiving Specials page.

Or give your local health food store a try and see what they have - you want certified ORGANIC, PASTURED/FREE RANGE, and HERITAGE - those (3) things. "Organic", which means no hormones, antibiotics, steroids, and other nasties were used in raising them. "Pastured"/"Free Range" meaning they weren't stuffed in a cage with who knows how many other turkeys. Instead, they roamed around with 24 hour access to fresh air and ate native grasses and other natural vegetation. Lastly, you want to buy "Heritage", which are the ancestors of the broad-breasted White breed that most people buy. The Heritage turkeys have a longer life-span, eat a very diverse diet, and are making a comeback within the market which is a great thing.

Next week, I'll share the dish we're making for Thanksgving this year...Here's to a healthier and greener Thanksgiving for all of us!

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