Friday, February 6, 2009

Truly inspiring

Thank you so much for the love on our baby gift creations. Your comments made my day for sure!

Well, to start off the weekend I wanted to share this video that my angler Love sent to me earlier in the week. I wasn't ready for how powerful it is and I just bawled, especially when Lovebug ran over to check on me and wanted to give me a hug :). This man is TRULY amazing! WOW!!!!!! Clay Dyer is such a hero in my eyes! Alright, it's a little over 9 minutes long but I promise it is SO worth it...and you might want to grab a tissue.

What is more inspiring than that man's life?! His motto is "If I can, you can". What spirit, determination, strength, passion, heart, and most of all, faith! I found it to be so incredibly humbling as I can sometimes complain about the smallest things.

I read somewhere about a mom that keeps a picture of Clay in her purse and whenever her children say they "can't" do something or something is "too hard", she shows them the picture of Clay. What a great reminder that we can overcome anything! I ran across his blog too and it is so positive and uplifting. I so wish further success for Clay, but according to him, he is already "living his dream". What an incredible role model Clay is for every single one of us!

I think we definitely all want what this man has, don't we?!!! Hope that encourages you in some shape or form! Have an inspired weekend!


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Hello, I just randomly found your site and It's so great. I'm happy to find another Christian who cares about the environment, natural childbirth, educated vaccine decisions etc... It was refreshing. I just wanted to leave a quick note because I read so many of your posts and found them fabulous!