Monday, February 9, 2009

Valentine's Week

How was your weekend? Hope it was beautiful! Ours was. I love the weekends so much with the three of us all being together! For the second weekend in a row, I got some sewing in and whipped up this little felt pencil case for our sweet niece's birthday. I know, I'm one of the last ones getting in on these, but it was pretty simple and easy to make. I really want one now for myself! :) OH and the pencils are from Stubby Pencil and are made from 100% FSC certified wood. They are beautiful and very easy to grip.

SO Valentine's Day is this Saturday in case you didn't know! I am a lover of it and always have been. Yes, it is a marketing holiday and I'm not a fan of the consumerism aspect of it but I think it's a fun little day. I truly truly believe you should treat your loved ones like it's Valentine's Day every single day though!

We tend to give homemade or handmade gifts (or nothing) rather than the traditional gifts, but there are lots of ways you can green your typical Valentine's gifts. If you do flowers, then you really need to opt for organic, either bought at a health food store (Whole Foods, Central Market, etc.) or online at Organic Bouquet or California Organics.

If possible, find locally grown flowers too. The commercial flower industry is scary with ridiculously unfair labor practices and an incredibly scary amount of natural resources and chemicals are used to grow those beautiful things. So really go organic or as another option, go with a plant which will help to clean your loved one's air!

As far as Valentines, make your own from craft or everyday materials lying around or buy ones made from recycled or hemp paper. Or send an e-Card!

Another traditional gift is chocolate, right? Yummy. Well you can certainly green that by buying fair trade organic! Dagoba is my personal favorite but there are alot of great choices out there now. In terms of the amount of pesticides used on crops, non-organic cocoa is 2nd only to cotton so it's really important to buy organic chocolate! When you buy fair trade you are supporting fair labor conditions and pay, as well as good environmental practices.

There are tons of adorable things on Etsy of course too...or whip up something of your own! There isn't anything better than getting a present handmade by someone you love.

I'll share later in the week what I am making for my two Loves...I certainly need to get to work on them! Have a wonderful week full of extra love and sweetness everyone!


jade said...

so what do you make for your man? that's where i struggle.

hanna said...

Love the pencil case. I want to make one, one day, when I've got all the other things ticked off the want to make list!
- So glad you like the bread, I think I shall join you in making two loaves also today :o)

dutchgirl said...

I'm really in love with those pencils! Thank you for the link, my daughter will love them... a pencil case has been on my sewing project list for awhile now, maybe if I order the pencils it will motivate me to take the time to sew one ;)

The Rozell Family said...

so cute jill! i love it, those pencils are so cute too! said...

These are great ideas! We're so lucky to have a nearby organic greenhouse for all our cut flowers. The cut flower industry is a really scary place so I'm so grateful for our local business. I'm hoping to receive a bouquet myself this Saturday!

Maria Rose said...

The best Valentine's Day gift I ever got was a hula hoop, way better than the normal holiday stuff.
PS The pencil holder looks lovely.