Monday, August 31, 2009

Bowlful of kale

How was your weekend? We had an enjoyable one, although we weren't home much of it. It involved alot of fun with family and lots of outdoor time with the weather around here being so darn nice. We even ate a birthday meal outside in the shade, which was quite enjoyable. My two Loves accompanied me to the park for my long run Sunday morning and Lovebug had a blast walking, running, and playing in the dirt. That girl loves rocks! She loves finding them, collecting them, organizing them, and holding them in her hands. She loves getting dirty too and ANYTHING outside - anything.

Yesterday was another really great day. It was the perfect combination of playing, learning, and productivity. Lovebug fell asleep nursing in the maya wrap or "ling" as she calls it while I was doing some things in the kitchen. So precious. No matter how much of a little girl she is looking and acting like, she's still my sweet baby and loves being worn. I love it too because we get to snuggle and be so close to each other :) while I do random things. Plus, she gets to be in on the action and see everything I'm doing, which we talk about and discuss. Wearing her is SO much easier than holding her and makes things "doable" that wouldn't be otherwise. Even though there are days when for whatever reason I forget about them, slings/wraps/carriers are a true lifesaver and I don't know what we would do without them.

Anyway, I was able to get Lovebug on the bed to finish her nap and when she woke up she was quite hungry. Her Daddy had set aside some steamed kale the night before from the pasta dish he made us, and she just devoured a big bowlful of it. I am so proud of my little vegan! We love kale around our nest and put it in alot of different dishes, but it's just as great on it's own too. So nutritious and yummy! Tell me, how do you like your kale?...or do you even like it?

Well, have a wonderful day...OH and happy September (which I still cannot believe)!

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Anne Living Life said...

Love the sweet stories about your little one.
I think kale is awesome! Love to add it to my pasta dishes.