Friday, September 25, 2009

Around our nest...

We've been working on alot of organization projects as of late. Some of them are finished, some are in the process, and some are being put on temporary hold or on a near future to-do list. I truly love organization and everything having a place...I really really do. So although these projects have been really time consuming, I've been enjoying the process and loving the end result! Most of the work has involved the closets, which were in dire need of much purging, storing, and organizing. They look and feel SO much better now, and I actually love walking in them! :) We have boxes and boxes of clothes to sell and give away, which I further look forward getting done SOON. We used the below boxes in quite a few places for storing different things. They are from here and are made from recycled fiberboard (the square ones are on sale big time right now), plus I just like their simple white design.

The closets were ready to get organized because we finally finished the below dressers we've been working on for quite some time now - YEA!!! We got the "dressers" (there are 2, but one is shown) at an Antique Weekend a few trips ago and knew they were going in our room to store clothes. They are metal kitchen cabinets from around the 50's, if not earlier, and they have porcelain doors which we thought was pretty cool. We cleaned them up quite a bit and had metal tops made for them. Then we rust proofed and primed them with this, painted them with this, and sealed them with this. Afterwards, we let them offgas for awhile which is a great thing to do even if you use green products like we did. Lastly, we added magnetic catches for the doors from our local home improvement store and added some coordinating legs from here. It was quite a process and we swear we took "before" pictures but cannot find them anywhere - darn it! They turned out much better than we had envisioned though and work perfectly. However, we were disappointed to find out that Lovebug has no problem opening them and likes to get all of mommy's "pretty" clothes out. :( Oh well...hopefully that gets old fast!

So that was a major accomplishment and we were thrilled beyond measure! In celebration, I made some brownies which we topped with mint chocolate chip Coconut Bliss of course! The original brownie recipe is right here but we tweaked it a bit by using coconut oil instead of vegetable. They turned out great although I would throw in more chocolate chips next time for some added texture, thus why I had to add some on top :).

It feels so great to get some of these big projects done that have been on our to-do list for quite awhile now. I look forward to alot more organization that will be going on in the next few months around our nest! Do you have any upcoming fall organization projects planned?

I am SO glad it's's going to be a BUSY BUSY weekend for us but I'm really looking forward to all of it!! Have a great one!


Katie said...

Wow, the cabinets are fabulous! And don't you love that it's one-of-a-kind? Your hard work definitely paid off. Enjoy the (busy) weekend!

Erin said...

so refreshing, and so yummy!
happy weekend. :)

jade said...

your cabinets are a great find! they look great in your space. and that dessert. oh. my. goodness.