Friday, September 18, 2009

Sometimes you just got to...

GET OUT and get dirty...even if it's drizzling...or maybe because it's JUST drizzling!

This week's weather has been pretty enjoyable though in my opinion. We've been blessed with a ton of rain, plus it's been slightly cooler which has made open window living so wonderful! It feels ALMOST fall-ISH at times - almost. Have you been enjoying anything similar and liking it?

Lovebug and I enjoyed ourselves immensely the other day out in it all. We got pretty dirty and had such a good time exploring the front yard!

Well, have a lovely weekend. We're going to be finishing up some organizing projects around our nest, which I'm really excited about. Have a great one!


Maria Rose said...

We're expecting fall like weather this coming week and I am really excited about it.

Jessy, Greg, Grace, Jack, Nora, and Lexi said...

I love it. We had a bit of rain last Saturday. We had planned on going for a walk after the kiddos nap but were a wee bit discouraged when it started raining. Instead of moping around the house we put on old clothes and headed out into the woods inspite of the rain. The kids had so much fun squishing in the mud and getting soaked. It was a wonderful experience for all of us!
Thanks for sharing. Your daughter is adorable!

Angela Harris said...

My favorite photo is her smile in the 2nd to last photo where she looks like she's having so much fun doing something she's not usually suppose to do :) Hey, I was wanting to send you the Egg Carton Baskets that were published in Greencraft magazine. They sent them back to me & they will get destroyed here. I thought I still had your address from our little things swap but I didn't keep my swap binder. If you would like them can you send me your address to my e-mail
Thanks so much!

Joslyn said...

you know i'm with you...i'm digging the rain!

it's a nice break from oppressive summer heat ;-)

Stephanie said...

What fun pictures! We love rainy days too. Especially because they're a bit rare here in sunny Southern Arizona. :)