Thursday, October 22, 2009

Another rainy day

I think today is going to be another rainy one so we'll probably be doing more of this! I have always dreamt about my kiddos and I sitting around creating art and crafting together. It's something I always did with my mom and grandma, both of whom are incredibly creative and talented, and I envisioned having that special time with my own children very very often. Well, Lovebug absolutely loves to color and we sit down many times daily to do so. She often asks me to draw bowls and babies while she creates just the most beautiful abstract pieces of art :). I love seeing her create.

We started coloring pretty early on but for whatever reason I hadn't brought out the watercolors yet. I guess I was waiting for a rainy day, and WELL, we have had quite a few of those lately so out came the paints! We spread out an old tablecloth of my mom's on the floor and just painted. It was so much fun and pretty much just how I imagined! I should have taken all of her clothes off to begin with but once I did that, it all went alot smoother. :) She LOVED it and did NOT want to stop. She is going to be thrilled, as am I, to do it again today...

Have a wonderful one!


The Rozell Family said...

so fun!!! Rev loves water coloring too. The sun is out here, I think we are going to take a run down to the park! lets hang out next week.

BellaBree said...

it is a lovley way to spend a rainy day - or any day for that matter...all 4 my kids love to do I - never seems enough time to do it as often as we'd like to tho - enjoy!