Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

Well, HELLO! I hope your holidays were wonderful and not too stressful! MUCH has happened since I've been away...let's see, Lovebug turned two (wow!) and her party was successful and fun (details to come soon). After that, there was much crafting and creating for Christmas! Then we had what this area would definitely call a WHITE Christmas. The Eve was especially white so we played out in it for a short bit which was delightful albeit very cold (the shots are from that and x-mas morning)! Of course, just lots and lots of fun with family and friends all thrown in there. It was truly enjoyable, although it was a bit busy, and admittedly, there were too many late nights leading up to the big day(s). I really tried to plan and make whatever possible for Lovebug's b-day and Christmas early on but I didn't start early enough unfortunately :). Anyway, there are areas to improve upon for 2010 that's for sure...

Speaking of, WOW, it's almost that time. Crazy, crazy, crazy. I love new years so much though! I love the feeling of a clean slate and just all the ideas, plans, and goals for the upcoming year that we talk about and write down. So fun! We're going to have a simple celebration tonight with Lovebug, who is getting a treat of organic raspberries which she loves. Once she's asleep, my sweet Love and I plan on enjoying a treat of our own in the form of veggie sushi and catching up on Harry Potter. Wow, crazy sounding night, huh? :) Much to our dismay over the holidays, we realized that somehow we missed seeing "The Goblet of Fire"! Don't know how that happened but I'm excited to see it finally!

Down will come all of our Christmas decorations this weekend too which is sad but I'm really ready for a blank canvas around our nest, you know?! I'm ready to clean, organize, simplify, purge, and LOTS and LOTS of other wonderful things this coming year. It's going to be a wonderful one, I just know it! I wish you all a blessed 2010! Have a great night and Happy New Year!

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Joslyn said...

happy new year friend!
wasn't that snow magical? and we might get more this week...crazy!