Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Our active weekend

I wrote this last week but lost my connection and couldn't get it posted. ANYWAY, I've decided to go ahead and post it because if I added in lots of housework/projects and some homemade veg sushi on Sunday, this last weekend included pretty much all of the below again too - HA!

This last weekend was an active one with most of it spent outside which I just love! There was some really fun tennis and swimming on Friday evening. Gardening, basketball, rollerblading, and park playing on Saturday. Then Sunday there was alot of hiking and creeking for the August family birthday party! So FUN! Yes it's hot here (very hot) but as long as you have a pool, creek, or any body of water to cool off in, it's bearable. :) These shots are from all different parts of our most enjoyable family weekend...

I already can't wait for the weekend with my lil' family all together again...Hope you all have wonderful weeks!

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Stephanie said...

Outdoors weekends are the BEST. We're actually going camping this weekend and I can't wait!