Saturday, August 14, 2010


This week was a busy one for Lovebug and I! We were gone much of every day except Friday, which was so nice to stay at home, recover, get some much-needed housework done, relax a bit, and just play. Above is a little bouquet of flowers I gathered from our herb garden. It smelled divine! I kept it in our kitchen for awhile and loved getting a whiff of it every time I walked by. It was so very relaxing.

Our vegetable garden is looking quite sad right now. The 100+ weather we've been having is definitely taking a toll on it and its complete end is near. :( Oh well. It provided us with some yummy veggies for many months and I think overall it did pretty good. I took some pictures last month when it was still doing well that I want to share with you soon. We have some big plans for it and our herb garden for the spring! I cannot wait!

How was your week? I'm so excited it's the weekend. I have three half soccer games today before the season starts which I'm pumped`about! Have a great one.

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