Friday, August 20, 2010

people watcher

This little gal is SUCH a people watcher. She loves observing and watching (or staring) at people, especially when places are uber crowded. We met my Love for lunch the other day at a busy restaurant and she barely said a word the whole time (very unlike her) because she was just watching all the people around us! SO funny. I know she gets it from me because I love to people watch too, although I try to be more discreet about it than my little one. Someday I'll pass that talent onto her. :)

In college when my Love and I studied in Italy for a bit and traveled Europe, I got to do some serious people watching. It's so interesting to watch how people interact, dress, talk, and just overall carry themselves. Lovebug especially loves babies (she really wants one:)! Whenever there is a baby around (and especially a mommy AND baby) she cannot take her eyes off of them. Adorable.

What about you...are you a people watcher?


robina said...

This is so funny to read because my mom and dad just took my daughter to a little amusement park and they said it was like traveling back in time because Wren was just intently observing all the other kids the entire time, exactly like I used to do. I'm still very tuned in to what's (who's?) going on around me. I guess my daughter is just the same way!

Stephanie said...

She is gorgeous! Those stunning blue eyes w/ the long lashes!

I like to people-watch too. It's fascinating.