Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Thank goodness it's Tuesday!!! I'm not really Monday's biggest fan. I like the fresh start to a new week but Mondays are often just harder for us. We miss my Love like crazy after being spoiled by his presence for two days! :) But it's Tuesday now, so yeah!!!

Lovebug and I started our day off with a bowl of raw yumminess - sprouted oatmeal with blueberries! I haven't talked too much about it lately but the raw journey we started at the beginning of the year is going wonderfully. We eat raw for breakfast, lunch, and snacks...so about 80% or so raw.

What I've really been loving is exploring the raw breakfast world. Sprouted buckwheat groats, coconut cereals, chia cereal, sprouted wheat berry cereal, homemade nut milks, even raw pancakes, and of course the raw oatmeal - YUM!!!! I SO look forward to breakfast!

We also make a daily fresh juice (LOVE!!) using our Vitamix and nut bag so we get lots of goodness in that. And we also tend to make a green smoothie later in the afternoon as well. So to say we create alot of compost in one day is a big understatement :) and our incredible Vitamix gets quite the workout being used 2-3 times every day.

SO raw snacks come pretty easily as well (juice, green smoothie, sprouted seeds, sprouted nut butters, dried fruit, and of course fresh fruit, etc.) but we've had some issues with raw lunches. We typically just have big salads but I'm tiring of those. We've made many raw soups and other types of "salads" but raw lunch recipes tend to be very nut heavy (raw organic nuts = expensive) and overall don't go a long ways. So we're working on expanding/improving that. If you're raw and have some good lunch ideas/recipes, please send them my way!

I also wish I could do more raw lunches here and there that weren't too time-consuming. After making fresh juice, most likely a smoothie, and whatever snacks, I often wish I could just pull out something raw and delicious from the fridge for lunch instead of having to chop/prep much. Of course you can do that with raw soups pre-made beforehand, but like I said, the ones we have made require LOTS of organic produce and nuts but don't last too many lunches for us.

We also got a dehydrator back in May so that's been fun. We've made raw flax chips, wheat berry bread, kale chips, corn tortillas, almond cookies, and much more. Of course the dehydrator is most used when drying our nuts, seeds, and fruit. We've done alot of solar drying of our fruit as well which sure doesn't take too long with this Texas heat. The deyhdrator was a wonderful addition to our raw food journey though.

So although I've been LOVING our raw eating during the day at our nest, I do REALLY look forward to our cooked dinners! It's a good balance I think. Plus we often treat ourselves to cooked breakfasts on the weekend with sprouted wheat waffles, tempeh, sprouted English muffins, and so forth. I must say that my Love has really been cooking up some incredible cooked dinners recently too. He constantly amazes me with what he creates!

Anyway, that's where things our at with meals around our green nest...mostly raw and loving it (despite our lunch rut)!

Hope you're glad it's Tuesday too...


Anonymous said...

I eat about 50% raw; not nearly as good as 85% but it works for me.

Check out my friend in Costa Rica who is 100% raw. She has some amazing recipes and ideas.


Stephanie said...

I've heard wonderful things about the Vitamix. We may have to invest one day...