Monday, September 27, 2010


This last weekend didn't go as we had planned at all as we were supposed to be antiquing here, but we still managed to have a lovely weekend! I got to spend some ridiculously fun time catching up with old friends from high school. It was our 10 year reunion and it was so enjoyable seeing where everyone is in their lives. I'm so glad we stayed in town and I was able to be there!

We were also treated to some lovely weather with an incredibly yummy taste of fall around here. I sure do LOVE summer and have had a blast the last couple of months, but I'm extremely ready and excited for fall and all of its fun activities and enjoyments. Aren't you??? Fall has me planning this and that in my head and I seriously cannot wait much longer!

In celebration of the coolness outside we headed to the park yesterday for some soccer and playground playing. It was great seeing SO many families outside soaking in the delicious weather and involved in various physical activities. I love to see active families. :) Well, I hope you've had an incredible summer as well and here's to the MANY lovely fall weekends ahead of us!

P.S. I seriously love all of these little pieces of summer around our nest that we've collected over the years...especially the white coral we found on a Mexico beach. But it's time to change the look around here to fall now!

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