Thursday, September 16, 2010


Well we're back from the beach (it was INCREDIBLE - post to come) and this week was just so lovely! It was one of those weeks that felt like it had just the right amount of everything - a great balance of my work around the nest and Lovebug's "work" (playing, learning). It was wonderful because MOST days I feel like I get nothing done other than the playing, teaching, connecting, etc. (which is FAR more important of course than any nest work!!!). Then there are random days I get a good amount done but not enough playing and such happened with my precious girl. Not our days this week though...they were just perfect!!! Yesterday was especially fun as we caught up with a dear old friend and her precious kiddos, but also got a good amount of tasks taken care of as well.

We were able to get out to our garden some mornings this week which we both really enjoyed. We finally got our cucumbers out of the way a few weeks ago as they were looking pretty sad. The watermelon and honeydew have loved that and are trying to take over, but our okra and peppers are still going strong too! I really need to do a garden post sometime soon so you can actually see what it all looked like at its peak. We kept a tally of our bounty so I want to add that up and share that as well. Above are our finds from a recent morning. We have a good amount of peppers saved up now so my wonderful Love is going to make some of his yummy hot sauce this weekend.

Anyway, it was an incredible week and I'm ready for such a weekend with my two Loves! Have a great one!

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Michelle said...

How lucky that you guys can do some early morning gardening, I would love to grow fruit! BTW, thanks for stopping by and commenting on my Crew Cuts post. Just so you know, I like their clothes, just not the styling. I really like having discussions like that online, so many different opinions! Now I could go garden now, but the mosquitos would eat me alive.
My roses need pruning.