Saturday, October 9, 2010

Antique Weekend 2010

SO while our Antique Weekend trip was incredibly fun, it wasn't incredibly purchase-filled...which is completely fine, just different for us :). Anyway, everything we bought is in the above shot and it's all vintage Christmas decor. In includes a bigger reindeer to go with the two smaller red ones we got last time, two beautiful tiny caroler angels that match one I scored on Etsy last year, three different sized nativity scenes that I love, an adorable 1940's "ABC" Christmas book, and a cool hot pink bottle brush wreath. That's all folks! Cute stuff though, and again, we had a blast. I would really recommend if any of you ever plan on attending Antique Weekend to go to the first weekend ("Preview") as we normally do because we definitely noticed a difference in the amount of sellers and inventory, as well as the traffic. :)

Hope you have a wonderful weekend my friends!


tammy said...

so happy to stumble upon your blog via a comment on joslyn's simple lovely. that abc book is amazing, and i love those vintage school chairs a post or two back. great finds. happily adding your blog to my reader asap.

Court said...

I give!! I will go to preview in the spring. I feel kind of guilty and responsible for your lack of spending at antique weekend! I hereby give my full attention to you spending waaay too much in the spring!