Monday, September 24, 2012

"Welcome fall" party!

Saturday was the first day of fall...didn't feel like it here in our part of Texas however. There was recently a bit of fall-ish weather and it was perfectly delightful. Loved it. I am a summer girl at heart (love the heat!) but I do so love the changing of the seasons and it was enjoyable for sure. But alas, it's gone! Twas only a tease of what is yet to come...soon hopefully.

Regardless, we decided to "welcome fall" on Friday with our natural parenting playgroup with a little party at the park. Everyone brought their own picnic lunch and we brought the sweets and the decor (of course). I mean, what's a party without those, right? As is usual in the fall around our nest, we recently bought some little pumpkins and gourds so we brought those, along with burlap runners I quickly cut from a roll I have lying around. The leaves, acorns, and pinecones we gathered on a walk the day before. So really incredibly simple, but it added a nice special something to the party.

We made a gallon of apple cider that morning...yes, a gallon. We are still drinking it! Although it was warm out, the warm-ish cider still was nice. The kiddos thought it was funny to be drinking a warm drink on a warm day though. The compostable cups and plates we had lying around from a past outdoor party...both are from here I do believe.

The treats were vegan gluten-free pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and raw apple cinnamon cookies (recipes here and here)...both of which were delicious if I do say so myself. I recommend both of the recipes and the only thing I did differently was add dark chocolate chunks to the pumpkin cookie one.

A friend brought delicious fresh figs to share with everyone - YUM! We all played, chatted, and had a jolly time. Despite the non-fall weather it really was the perfect welcome to fall!

Here is my little sweet/silly assistant that helped put it all together!

The rest of our weekend was wonderful included a movie date with my bestie who was in town from Cali, a homecoming football game, gardening, home projects, family leisure time, and soccer, soccer, and more soccer (we all play). It was awesome but I'm ready for the week...bring it on Monday! Have a blessed one.


Stefanie said...

Your centerpiece I just love.

Amanda said...

What an adorable setup! And those treats look so wonderfully yummy!

Jennifer said...

Looks lovely!

xo Jennifer

kellychristine said...

how cute! i wish fall was 100% here for us. we had a little 75 degree weather teaser a few weeks ago but since then it still feels like summer. ick.

as far as the instagram photo album i bought it new at a shop in dallas called the wooden house! ( i don't think they sell online but maybe you could call and see if they do. the paper feels handmade. hope you find something like it! try etsy :) xo

LEIGH said...

This is such a good idea! And everything just looks amazing! Happy fall!

Vickie said...

love the centrepiece & your assistant is adorable :)