Saturday, October 6, 2012

Fall Antique Weekend 2012

Wow, this week flew....but, our trip was wonderful! It was such a good time of antiquing, family fun, and fellowship with some of our extended family. The first day antiquing was a bit warm, but then our second day was cloudy and rainy, which is always kind of fun I think. Rain boots are a must for Antique Weekend in both spring and fall because it can get pretty muddy if it rains! We didn't have any luck finding the one big thing we were looking for (a dresser) but lots of cool little stuff.

We found some neat things for Boo including this little turquoise cowgirl outfit, an adorable Mary Poppins book, and a beautifully colored South Dakota pennant. She loves learning about U.S. presidents, but especially Lincoln and Washington, so this was a fun find!

Boo and I dug through lots of containers to find all these adorable accents for her vintage dollhouse. Such cuteness! I especially love the rug and wooden stool in the back.

We got this set of Chinese lanterns from a lady whose booth we always love. The colors are so bright and lovely, and I'm always looking for fun random party decor to add to my collection!

These little maps are from a 1955 German newspaper and are uber COOL. We bought 2 of our favorite cities we've visited - Paris and London - and then our favorite country - Italy. The illustrations are just adorable and we're going to frame them for Boo's room.

These pieces are all from Guatemala - cute little bags, a basket, and a table runner...I so love prints and colors like these. We also bought a larger version of the cool basket in the back.

Boo also picked out this pretty Frida Kahlo frame (she recently studied her in one of her art classes), a little doll for her shadowbox, metal plates/bowls for outside play, and a little Guatemalan purse. She loves antiquing and searching to find cool stuff, just like her mama! So cute.

This was another cool fabric piece from Guatemala, along with some adorably decorated bottle brush trees. Loved the colors and they're always so expensive online, so I was super excited about these.

Other finds include a gorgeous colorful kimono, some school stuff, and an original polly pocket little house and people (the teeny tiny ones that actually fit in your pocket, which my sisters and I had when we were little)! Anyway, that's stuff though!

We stayed with some family and got to visit others, and we so loved spending time with all of them. Family is just the best! One of our trip days we took Boo around our alma mater's campus (Texas A&M)...she's been there before but it's been awhile and didn't remember. It was fun showing her mom's favorite studying (nap) spot, dad's old studio, our favorite places to eat, and just special little places around campus/town. BCS has grown and changed quite a bit, but Aggies are still some of friendliest people you could ever meet! It was cool to see all the new modern buildings on campus along with some good green initiatives - like the neat water bottle fillers on top of the water fountains (have you seen those?), solar composters, recycling everywhere, and so forth.

It was such a great trip but I was so happy to walk into our nest and "be home". I so love my home and filling it was things we love (like the above) and making it a special place for my family. I truly am a blessed gal. Have a great weekend!


Court said...

Ah, I'm so jealous!! What fun stuff! Love you!

kellychristine said...

Ahhh all these gems are so cute. love those chinese lanterns.