Friday, March 28, 2008

Happy Belated Spring

The changing of the seasons is always beautiful, especially spring...I love watching the leaves on the trees and the flowers grow and change every day. Spring has such a gorgeous palette of colors that is truly inspiring! Here are some shots I took yesterday - Happy belated spring everyone!

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The Rozell Family said...

YEAH!!!spring time, dont ya'll just love it! I am always so amazed at Gods glory in the spring time and all the beautiful plants and flowers he gives us and allows us to ENJOY!!!
lets hang with ya'll sometime this week. Are ya'll busy??? Lets go to the greenhouse, they have a new menu we heard! Jill, the sachets are AWESOME, my whole house smells good. I am taking them to Gigner today but kinda sad cause I love them in my house! How do you make them? Whre do you get the little bags? I am off to my moms to run, she is going ot watch Rev a Roo! Bye! Lets plan an earth day party. ya'll want to???