Thursday, March 27, 2008

Lovebirds Event Decor

For those of you interested in the decor, the theme was "lovebirds" and the decor was so much fun to create and make. I went as "green" as possible and looked first to what I already had that could be used...but when I needed to go outside of that, I chose organic, sustainable, or secondhand materials. We did not have any cans or bottled beverages, and used cloth napkins, real plates, cups, and it was a pretty near zero-waste event with only a bit of gift paper and cooking material packaging being recycled and food scraps composted of course. My Love made the cute drink tags below out of a cereal box from our recycling bin and tied them with some hemp twine we have lots of onhand at our house.

The entry table featured two "lovebirds" I made from recycled vintage sweaters and a nest made from long shreds of magazine pages received in a package. The leaf shaped labels were made from pages of an old Shakespeare poem/sonnet book I got secondhand that fit in nicely with the "lovebird" theme. The favors were scraps of white fabric leftover from making our curtains, filled with organic birdseed from Green Mama's and tied with the hemp twine. I tried to find organic fair-trade chocolate eggs to put in the nests but couldn't so had to settle for "sugar free" ones from Central Market...

The buffet table's centerpiece was a floral arrangement accompanied by some birdhouses...The flowers I made with floral wire, floral tape, and pages of the Shakespeare poem book mentioned above, which were then arranged in a vase of my Mom's filled with organic birdseed and tied with red ribbon I found rummaging around my ribbon/twine box. The embroidered bird runner on the table is vintage found at Circa 77...The birdhouses we already had in the backyard, and the little birds were also made from recycled vintage sweaters and stuffed with Texas-grown organic cotton (little tidbit of eco info - the great state of Texas is the 2nd largest producer of organic cotton in the WORLD -yea us!)!

The coffee table centerpiece was a little "lovebird tree" with fallen branches from our backyard, more recycled vintage sweater birds, leaves cut from the Shakespeare poem book, finished off by another magazine shred nest and a second beautifully embroidered vintage bird table runner found also at Circa 77.

It all brought me lots of enjoyment to create as creating always does...and we love it all so much it's going to stay up as our "spring decor"...the birds, nests, and flowers fit in just perfectly with Easter and spring!


Itto said...

beautiful pictures! I just stumbled over your blog and really like the atmosphere here. blessings to your family!

Blogging Molly said...

absolutely beautiful! love the birds made from sweaters (hmm, i might have to dig into my bag of felted sweaters), and the nests are adorable! i was on my way to the paper shredder with an old magazine yesterday, thinking i could stuff the nest with paper, but i got sidetracked :( might have to try again today. you should be a green party decorator!