Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Birthday creations

My Love had a birthday recently and inspired by a post from Danny, I decided to make him an office detox box...Office buildings have such dirty air and since much of his day is spent there, it's very important to do everything to help make it as clean as possible (started with plants awhile back)...SO I took an old shoe box and filled it with newspaper to put under his feet to collect dirt and other allergens tracked in on shoes, added a microfiber cloth to be used periodically to collect dust, a spray bottle of rubbing alcohol to use on his keyboard, phone, etc. to help rid them of bacteria, and some homemade deodorizing room sprays with essential oils to make it smell decent. For some de-stressing moments, I included a mini zen garden made in an old cigar box we had lying around, sand obviously, some black river rocks from the garage, and a mini rake made from branches leftover from J&G's wedding. I made one for my Mom for her birthday too and she loved it!
Also made him a little days of the week countdown with pics of Lovebug for his desk which he loves and this black hemp apron (no, I didn't make it - should have...but there were time constraints so got it at Hemp Sisters)...but I did embellish it with the camouflage "Jolly Roger" made from a used baby onesie got at a resale shop.
Don't you just love making things for your loved ones and eagerly anticipating their reactions? Gosh I do - so enjoyable! Alright, I feel a cool breeze through the windows and it's getting dark quickly so I better run and get clothes off the line before the rain arrives...Hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day!


Chrissy said...

Detox box? Great idea! I'm also feeling inspired by the mini zen garden. I'm thinking Father's Day, for sure! Thanks for the great ideas! And I know what you mean about making things for the people you love...if only there was more time in the day!

The Rozell Family said...

I love this idea for the box! Remember when you gave us "first aid kits" in cigar boxes! I still have mine!:)