Monday, June 2, 2008

Swap Fun

My friend Emily organized this little bitty swap...what fun it was to go around the house and gather itty bitties to share with others. Some are things I've had for years but never found a use for...others are remnants leftover from parties, projects, and whatnot, and the rest were just lil' things I thought others might enjoy. Watercolored a bit for the cards that were included in each package, which I have not had the privelege of doing in quite some was so enjoyable - I forgot how much - and very relaxing.

I especially loved these little magnets that I included - made from gems leftover from J&G wedding centerpieces, magnet tape had lying around forever, and cutouts of the always-inspiring West Elm catalogue (I've already signed up with DMA Choice and Catalogue Choice to not receive it, but still do unfortunately for the trees, but fortunately because, as mentioned, it's inspiring :)...Had a hard time parting with them actually and now on my to-do list is to make some similar ones for us!

It was a great swap (thanks Em) and I can't wait to receive my (3) little packages of itty bitties from different artists that live in various parts of the country. Another note - gosh, can you believe it's June already?


The Rozell Family said...

YEAH!!! these are wonderful Jill! I got another itty bitty package today, still waiting on package #3! So glad you participated:) I want you to host a swap soon. I keep thinking and wondering what kind of swap you will think up. Email the girl on swapdex to get your swap up there. that is if you want to host one! I really want to host another, i am trying to think up something interesting!

Chrissy said...

What a neat idea for a swap, and I love the happy little card you made to go along with your goodies!

kristin said...

oh, i love those teeny things.

glad to have found your many wonderful images.